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Only 64 at the games club today, compared to the past two weeks' attendances of 71 and 75, so we almost had enough room this week. Someone there bought four copies of my book for me which they had found in a "remaindered stock" shop, which was an unexpected pleasant surprise. Strangely pleasingly justly, each of the two hardbacks and each of the two paperbacks cost a pound regardless of cover.

It's the budget tomorrow; TV coverage is set to be provided by Adrian Chiles, so expect some dry humour to break up what is set to be a stagnant report. BBC news' online full coverage is fine; I particularly like the Be Your Own Chancellor financial model toy, most likely to be of interest to the t00barian types, but I also like the rather charming kids' budget (celebs to pay more tax, cigarettes to go up to £BIGNUM per pack). mrstrellis, that reliable tipster, points to budget betting - but, as ever, Paddy Power have the best bets. Bet on the colour of Gordon's tie (presumably "stripy monstrosity" is paid as a dead heat?) and even whether the budget will be given as Brown pecks away at a sandwich or not. Yes.

The LIX Index is an attempt by which an artist turns all the factors in her life through a formula into a single number, hopefully even one which might mean something. Today I measure the jiggery_pokery index to have been at [3+2i, ¾π) having achieved an inverse rotation through 45° compared to the standard currant yesterday. And that's all I have to say about that.
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