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Quick game theory poll, take two

(OK, let's try this again. It turns out that even when you select "results viewable to: none", you can still see the bar chart formed by answers to a radio-button poll in advance of selecting your own, which is No Bloody Good. Many thanks to chrisvenus for pointing this out; this is my new thing learnt for the day.

Thanks and apologies to the fifteen of you who had taken the time to vote already. Please do not vote a second time; I shall roll your votes over to this poll.)

Please pick one of these three options: Foo, Bar and Quux.

You will score points as follows:

Foo: you score 1 point for each person selecting Foo and lose 1 point for each person selecting Bar.
Bar: you score 2 points for each person selecting Foo and lose 1 for each person selecting Quux.
Quux: you score 0 points. (Negative scores are possible, so this isn't as rubbish as it might seem.)

Your objective is to score as many points as you can; you are not competing to try to score more than the other players.
Poll #123120 Game theory poll

Foo, Bar or Quux? See above for scoring.

Please don't discuss strategy with each other - that spoils the point! I'll probably close this on Monday and reveal who picked what at that point, opening discussion up then. Hopefully I've set this poll up so that nobody can see the results until then. Second time lucky, and all that.

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