Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

If I were to emigrate to the USA...

If I were to emigrate to the USA, it would be most likely to be to the Greater Boston, MA area. I have more friends in that neck of the woods than anywhere else in the lower 48, mostly board gamers who I don't think have LiveJournals.

Also, they have the Massachusetts Institute of Technology there, which may not be generally thought of as the best university in the US, but is possibly the most wacky, "out-there", geekycool one. (I hear Caltech is the west coast's equivalent challenger.) Not only do they have the famous MIT Mystery Hunt, probably the most famous and extreme puzzle hunt of them all and the likewise famous gallery of hacks, their AI labs organise an annual Olympics event, which splits the lab inhabitants up into four teams and plays a series of team games for a couple of weeks, for no better purpose than general fun.

The event descriptions suggest that the events have a capacity of approximately 1.7 imperial Barrels of Laughs, with the scoring schemes designed to reward participation at least as highly as actual success. They say the family that plays together stays together, so maybe it's something to encourage as a once-a-year jolly in wider industry.

Keep an eye on MIT. They do things differently there. I'm very impressed.
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