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1) I've heard from just about all the usual suspects with regard to that rather good quiz. (I'd be particularly curious to know how stratospherically j4, daweaver and verlaine scored, though.) Y'all are a bunch of burly brainiacs, y'hear? Looks like I might well struggle to make either the first team, the reserves or even the beer team taken from my Friends list alone. Nevertheless, I am minded to collar some of you should I ever be in the same town at the same time as both you and a BuzzerQuiz - and at least my theory that my 41 would not pass muster among the community survives.

2) After the slugfest the day before, Nigel Short did manage to struggle to a draw on the last day in Budapest to win the title on his own. His opponent (underperforming cellar-dweller Zoltan Almasi) offered a handshake after a whopping nine moves. Nice. Niiiiice. Short wins the tournament on +4, Polgar +2, Leko +1, rest nowhere.

3) Happy birthday to kleio_caissa, who is the single most reliably effective source on all my Friends list of overloaded, gruesome, one-size-squicks-all schlock-horror fan fiction, despite fierce competition. Yet she looks so sweet and innocent! Compliments seldom come higher, or more back-handed...

4) I have perceived that I am rather more comfortable with being good-naturedly silly in my comments in other people's journals than I am in my own journal entries. Time to make amends, for silliness has its place (and the best icon) and is probably underrepresented here if anything.

I shall start by pointing out that j4 links to this year's Eurovision entries online and thence the BBC link to a singularly stupid game toy which is both all-singing and all-dancing, complete with pop-up Ken'n'Tel dispensing random scores. So just like the real thing, really. (Now beat my 8/10 on the easy quiz and 5/10 on the hard quiz. ericklendl, who'll be there live in Latvia, gets a -75 handicap.)

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