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Cold Turkey

Major Charles Ingram on WWTBAM? - oh, that was funny. :-)

Although I'm glad I've added a load more folk to my Friends list, a couple of interesting conversations recently have really made me think that I've got the balance of things really fairly far wrong in my life. Accordingly, I'm going to try to keep off LJ and other personal weblogs throughout Tuesday and Wednesday (measured BST) to see if I can actually get more useful things done this way. If it turns out that I end up substituting LJ procrastination time with other unproductive procrastination time then I'll declare this experiment a failure and think again, but I've had too many days where I've effectively got nothing or very little done other than LJ and something has to give.

I still think about you all, I still care about you all, I'm still going to be available by e-mail. I'm in a reasonable sort of mood, but just annoyed with myself for getting the balance so wrong to the point where I've missed a job ad deadline just through a couple of weeks of procrastination. That's bad - evidently, bad enough to make me take action. This is experiment #1 in time balance.

Back on Thursday. Nobody do anything interesting 'til then, please. :-)

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