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Weight: here

202 pounds, 14 stones 6.

Many of the people on my Friends list are on diets. They are, without exception - or, at least, without exception that I can remember - doing extremely well as a result and I am very happy for them. bateleur has some very interesting views about weight loss, though, and I am not sure whether it is weight of evidence or weight of opinion that opposes him.

However, I don't trust my scales. Now this may well be a line that has been used many a time and oft by those who feel they weigh too much. Last week, when I weighed myself, I was 205 pounds - 14 stone 9. Now they say it's important to weigh yourself at the same time each week and in the same circumstances; to be fair, I weighed myself before taking a bath last week and just after taking a bath this week. That's not going to make three pounds of difference, though, is it? (Some more historical data: at the end of June, I weighed the same 202 pounds I measured today and at the end of 2001 I weighed the same 205 pounds I measured last week.)

There's also the fact that I can get the weight to shift depending on how I stand upon the scales, which way I lean and so forth. The most I could possibly register today was 203, though, and that was by standing in a most unnatural position.

I'm not even sure that these scales are calibrated correctly, though, and tend to weigh myself on scales in other people's bathrooms when I see them. (Maybe, if I've met you, I've even weighed myself on YOURS! Hope you don't mind...) These have given me some radically different readings over the past year. One set of scales said I was about eight pounds more and the other set said I was five pounds less. I shall stick with the set of readings that these scales at home give, thank you, not least as a sort of median figure. However, it does lead to some grave doubts on my part over the scales in the lambertman household, accurate to the decipound as they claim to be. (If they really are that damn good, though, then I'll buy a set myself some day.)

The European Athletics Championshps finished today and Great Britain claimed seven gold medals - including, as usual, the men's 100m sprint and both men's relays. Colin Jackson and Steve Backley both won for the fourth Euro Champ in a row - a twelve-year dynasty - and both Paula Radcliffe and Ashia Hansen set out their stalls with magnificent performances just when they were needed to indicate that they may very well be able to compete at world level in the future. All told, damn good.

Two big advantages over the Commonwealth Games (you know, the ones I said I wouldn't mention any more - oops) were the absence of the BBC's big splashy M-logo for a second and a half every time a replay started or ended, of which I got sick during the very first event in the whole games, plus some unexpectedly really nice National Anthem orchestrations. Can we have the German band/CD playing every time, please?

Someone mentioned TV Ark on alt.tv.game-shows and I had forgotten just how good it was. Naturally, favourite sections include the game show clips and the adverts. They don't have all the best adverts of the past fifty years, but they've got a good selection in the style of adcritic.com, except subscription-free. I had forgotten just how tremendously silly this ad for Maynard's Wine Gums was.

Coming up next in this LJ: the most interesting, in-depth entry I have written yet and possibly the most revealing one that I will ever write. (Probably.)

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