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Greetings, pop-pickers, it's time for the top forty

The LiveJournal Top 40 is five weeks in and still hasn't fallen over yet, which was a little better than I was expecting. In week five's results last Sunday, an exciting (but personally sad) change at the top saw god_dot_com overtake cassieclaire to claim the top spot after four weeks of Secret Diary dominance. Another disappointing factor was the fall of amuzulo from 8th to 13th.

However, on the plus side, exciting debuts into the chart for four LiveJournals I follow: angiej at #14, ringbark at #30, the impersonal lj_nifty at #37 and one thegraybook creeping in at #40. So this means I know, read, or quasi-know, six out of the apparently "top" (by Google's measure) forty LiveJournals out of the universe of 1,000,000+ - and I know them in different contexts. I conclude that the Top 40 is starting to stalk me. Either that, or I am trying to stalk it.

Let's try an experiment mrstrellis. Picking someone neutral completely at mrstrellis random, let's see if Google's PageRank doomrstrellishicky can get someone into the top forty. If some of the other well-placed folks could gratuitously mention mrstrellis a bit for no good reason then it would be interesting to see if anything happens.

I perceive the LiveJournal Top 40 has no fanboys, not even creator l2g. It needs fanboys. I therefore officially fanboy it. Hopefully that should "put the shizzle into its nizzle".

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