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Get Out. More?

Birthday bounces to akahannah, the sexiest Hebridean self-described "beeyatch" of them all. Have a good one, Hannah :-)

Operation "Get Out More" is at the fullest swing it has achieved for some time. Yesterday's walk into town took me past Albert Park's large lake; this wasn't occupied by the usual rowing boats, but instead some small powerboats being steered around between the islands and the fountains at considerable velocity as a three-day-only treat. Consequently there were fewer ducks, swans and geese on the lake than usual, so I'll be glad that the big boats are just a temporary diversion.

Today's adventure involved meeting up with local LiveJournalist ladies fruufoo and longsunday. I had met fruufoo twice before, once at the Middlesbrough Gamers Club and subsequently in passing at a Chinese restaurant, after having been found by her as the other local among the 7,000+ members of Harry Potter for Grown-Ups; my meeting with longsunday was our first encounter. Also president were fruufoo's very cool, hugely-hip-to-hippy mother Lerida (big bonus points in my book for owning many pinball machines and for saucy discussion with the TMI phasers set to stun) along with fruufoo's friends for whom this was just a normal Thursday night meeting for drinks, fandom discussion and videos (most frequent subjects: old cartoons, anime and horror). longsunday was as nice-mad as a bag of spanners - undoubtedly a good thing - and about as much into slash as anyone I have ever met. A good result. (Aside: it's times like this when you realise just how large the Harry Potter fandom is from how little commonality our terms of reference had - about the only person we could both relate to was ivyblossom.)

As they had seen their videos many times over, mine offered relative variety: one episode of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon at its most derivative, one episode of series two Knightmare and one random Japanese game show - which, as ever, started promisingly but slowed right down towards the end. We then ordered food in from the Coral Bay fish bar and pizza delivery shop, whose vegetarian curry I recommend you avoid, and finished with half of Back To The Future III. All told, an excellent night. The ongoing project to get all the nice LiveJournalists in Teesside together in the same place at the same time flounders on apace; unfortunately superfi couldn't make this meeting, but Saturday's repeat performance substituting superfi for longsunday promises to be just as much fun, and we shall hopefully complete the triangle by introducing superfi to longsunday forthwith. (Note to self: Blackpool, dammit.)

WPC puzzles practiced: er, none so far. H'm. There's always Friday.

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