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Wah, I tried to go to sleep at 2 instead of at 7 as the night before and instead of sleeping the night through for 8 hours, I slept for about 90 minutes. Accordingly I'm kind of awake again and probably won't get back to sleep until some silly time like 10. Maybe answering some questions will help, or something.

The last part of my dream saw me travelling alone around Germany. I cannot speak more than a few words of German. I was at a badly-lit train station with two platforms, looking for information about train times and destinations, but couldn't find anything concrete. The one train in the station pulled away, without me on it and there was no or very little light at the station after what was clearly the last train had left. There did seem to be one very large person patrolling the station and I was trying to keep out of his way. The station had ramps, which I slid down at considerable speed.

Accordingly I left the station and tried to find somewhere to stay for the night. I was carrying a bulky suitcase with sleeping bags and the like in, but it wasn't too heavy. I followed a sign and walked apparently ¾ of a kilometre into town, being surprised to find that they drove on the left in Germany, so I ought to walk on the right of the roads. (This isn't accurate, is it?) I passed a speed limit sign, which related the permissible speed limit to the width of the road and the distance of the paths at the side of the road in case the cars left it.

Soon I got into town. (No clue which one, sorry.) I wandered through some side-roads and seemed to enter every open building I passed, without speaking to anyone. I was vaguely looking for somewhere to stay for the night and had vague thoughts that I might be able to haggle over the price because I was obviously a poor backpacker. In my purse was about 40 Euros and about 40 pounds sterling - I thought of saying "Ich nicht sprechen sie Deutsch. Zwanzig Euros?" to people who I thought might be hoteliers. I doubt that's accurate, but it seemed authentic enough in the dream. (I was hoping it said "I don't speak German. 20 Euros?") After that, I thought that more people might speak French who don't speak English and so I was starting to thing in French instead.

A little later I seemed to discover what might best be described as a late-night food court from a shopping centre. There was one stall which sold unidentified food, plus bottles of coke and Sprite. (This offered a 2-litre bottle of Sprite for €3 or a 1-litre bottle of Coke for €1.25 instead.) There was also a sign with details of the foreign exchange available; I think you could get a derisory €12 for £10 cash. There were some other stores around which sold local confectionery which I had a good look at. I thought of buying some to send to some of my LJ Friends because I recognised some of the sweets as being ones they had mentioned as being no longer available to them locally. There was also some soap available called "John", which I thought about buying for the silly name, but I didn't buy it in the end.

Mostly it was a dream with lots of wandering around and searching, no talking to anyone and lots of figuring out (a) what my plans were and (b) what to say in order to survive and make myself understood. Then I woke up and want to get it into text by way of exorcism. Stupid dream, but the more I think about it, the more faintly cool it becomes. Can't I just have ones about tickling blokes' feet or something?

I had a possibly interesting thought before I went to bed. Maybe the name of the site isn't LiveJournal with the live part as being an adjective, the opposite to dead; maybe it's LiveJournal with the live part being an active verb. That is, once you get started, you live your life in order to have something to journal about. That's a minor sign of journal addiction, isn't it?

Likewise, it took me awfully long to work out why the LJ mascot is called Frank the Goat. It must be because you're meant to be frank in your LiveJournals, rather than just because they like the name "Frank". There is a silly photoshopping gag to be made combining the LJ goat mascot Frank with the current British government's "talk to Frank" drugs information campaign, but I'm not the one to do it.

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