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Second lap! Go, go, go! Hurry up! Hurry up!

My LiveJournal recently celebrated its first birthday. For completeness and for those who care about stats a little too much, like me, here's a summary. jiggery_pokery: The First Year In Figures

Journal entries: 248 (247 different)
Public entries: 231
Friends-only entries: 11
Custom-friends-group-only: 2
Nimbus-roommates-friends-group-only: 1
Private entries: 3

Comments received: 2,304 (average of 9.404 per non-private entry, approximately 30% of which were made by me)
Comments posted: 4,896 (average of 13.413 per day)
Number of communities joined: 17
Estimated number of posts made to communities: maybe 20? I believe this isn't counted in the 248.

Number of LiveJournal invite codes used: 10
Number of communities started: 1 (t00baria - had a good run, now dormant once more)
Number of actively pursued LiveJournals started: 6
Number of LiveJournals otherwise inspired: 2, I think

Number of Friends listed: 143
Number of communities followed on Friends page: 12
Number of syndicated feeds followed on Friends page: 14
Number of "real" LJ Friends: 116
Number of Friends reciprocating friendship: 92 (source: Kelvin
Number of Friends not reciprocating friendship: 22
Other (116 - 92 - 22) friends: lj_maintenance and news
OK, that makes the real number of "real" LJ Friends: 114
Number of people whose friendship I do not reciprocate: 27
Attitude towards those 27 people: deeply sheepish, begging of your indulgence, hoping you don't mind too much and that you still enjoy reading
22 - 27: -5
Meaning of this -5: Does it have one? You tell me
Number I like: 47

Number of different people producing the journals of the 114 "real" LJ Friends: 108, I think
Number of Friends I would trust with my life, if the alternative were a painless, instantaneous death: about 85
Number of people I have met with at least one journal Friending me: 45, but this will go up this weekend
Number of people I have met on 3+ separate occasions with at least one journal Friending me: 16, but this too will go up this weekend
Number of people at whose houses (or in whose rooms) I have slept with at least one journal Friending me: probably 11
Number of people I have fantasised about and/or vaguely seriously considered as a partner with at least one journal Friending me: 8, to various extents of seriousness
Number of Friends I would trust with my life, if the alternative were an intensely painful death: two?

Word counts include titles, but do not include moods, music or text in replies/comments. I estimate that 5% of the text in my LJ is quoted from elsewhere, with the rest being original.

Journal entries, first 3 months: 40
Journal entry word count, first 3 months: 53,707
Average journal entry length, first 3 months: 1,342 words

Journal entries, second 3 months: 82 (first 6 months: 122)
Journal entry word count, second 3 months: 84,633 (first 6 months: 138,340)
Average journal entry length, second 3 months: 1,032 words

Journal entries, third 3 months: 63 (first 9 months: 185)
Journal entry word count, third 3 months: 73,719 (first 9 months: 212,059)
Average journal entry length, third 3 months: 1,170 words

Journal entries, fourth 3 months: 63 (first 12 months: 248)
Journal entry word count, fourth 3 months: 59,582 (first 12 months: 271,651)
Average journal entry length, fourth 3 months: 946 words

Average time spent per entry made: probably about an hour
Average time spent on LiveJournal per day: something like 4-5 hours, I'd guess

From the last 100 entries:
  • 43% mention games
  • 24% mention game shows
  • 23% mention sports
  • 19% mention LiveJournal, its features and culture
  • 14% mention puzzles
  • 14% mention Harry Potter fans and fandom meetings
  • 13% mention Harry Potter in terms of the story itself
  • 13% mention politics
  • 12% mention transport at large
  • 11% mention sex
  • 10% mention my own travel
  • 9% mention my dreams
  • 9% mention surveys, links going round, viral concepts and the like
  • 5% mention adverts
This does not add up to 100%, because some entries trigger many of these categories and other entries trigger none at all.

My favourite entries of the year largely come into three categories:

Much more importantly, the most emphatic lessons I have learnt over the first year of LiveJournalism include:
  • I am goal-oriented to a point where it might be problematic,
  • I am less unlike other people than I had realised,
  • There are more people who are "like me" than I had realised and
  • My ego is very, very large indeed.
All par for the course for LiveJournalists, I shouldn't wonder.

Quick competition. Deadline: end of the month. Prize (probably two months of paid time, possibly one hour of writing time on a subject of your choice) for the winner, who is the person to come closest to the correct figure. Ties broken at whim.
Poll #144798 How many entries will I have made by the end of my second year of LiveJournal?

Erm... just how many entries will I have made by the end of my second year of LiveJournal? (Rules above.)

The answer could be as few as 249. After all, a few of my Friends have stopped updating their LiveJournals, some have even posted effectively final entries. Happily, they've all been happy endings so far. Here's to happy endings.
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