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punt!t00bage quick report

Am having a lovely time at punt!t00bage so far. :-)

Pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday-to-Thursday night in order to get everything I needed to get done finished in time before I left; the journey down was acceptable, though hardly comfortable, with possibly ten minutes' sleep and a couple of bouts of reading-inspired mild travel-sickness. Arrived about ten minutes early and was met at the coach station by the lovely leiabelle and shortly afterwards the equally lovely (though rather more male) cygnusfap. I dragged my case to Cyg's palatial suite within University College - a more-than-acceptable living room, furnished with comfotable sofa and chairs, separate fridge, freezer, technically illegal microwave oven, infamous rice cooker and much more. The suite has its own separate little bedroom with sink, but the coolest thing about it is the pair of steps separating bedroom section from living area - plus an intenal door with stained glass windows. Quite possibly a contender for the title of the nicest undergraduate room in Oxford.

Ah, haven't got time for the full write-up. Thursday night: board games with non-t00bs. Friday: wandered round Oxford with leiabelle, games (You Don't Know Jack UK, Fandomopoly, Trivial Pursuit), desserts (hermorrine's ace Cheese Pie, best m00se ever), talking (dancingrain, expetesso), talking at night and not letting people get to sleep (mentioning no names). Saturday: some people have been to the pub and been punting. Introvert!t00b!me has had a lovely if slightly antisocial afternoon snoozing, having a lovely oak in zorac's long bath, listening to Challenge ?'s ace Saturday afternoon line-up (Gladiators, Interceptor, The Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard), checking e-mail, washing-up and not reading LJ.

Great fun, great company, great prospects for the rest of the weekend! Will try to write more fairly soon.

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