Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster


Another fun evening, about which I'll talk more later. owlman has the highlights.

I was using zorac's portable Mac to browse LiveJournal when the power went out while I was still logged in. Accordingly, there's a Mac around which has me logged in and I can't log out. Accordingly, I declare LJ honeypot season now to be open. zorac is 5-4 favourite to be first to take advantage of this with uber-haXXor leiabelle 13-8 second favourite. 100-30 bar - lots of other people who could do the job, but most of them wouldn't be bothered. Anyway, if you see any strange entries on this LiveJournal soon... no, hang on, I'll re-read that, if you see any entries soon which are a different sort of strange to usual then I disclaim responsibility. Could offer at least passing entertainment, I hope.

Actual amusing Trivial Pursuit question/answer card misprint coincidence:
Q. Which is the smallest continent after Australia? (This isn't a nag about Australia being different from Oceania.)
A. Nelson's Column.

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