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Minus One And A Half

Some of the folk on my Friends list have been counting down the hours to the start of 21st June 2003 (BST) and the arrival on sale of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I've already seen one happy squeal over the first three chapters and look forward to reading many more when I wake up. I trust you all to protect your spoilers appropriately, but lots of "This is even better than I could have possibly imagined!" would be very much appreciated. Anne Jones will probably have got to the first big snog by now. US-folk: enjoy your last few pre-OotP hours together. I really think you will.

I'm at home and my copy will be arriving by post soon. Fingers crossed that the twin forces of ericklendl and amazon.co.uk have conspired to get it here tomorrow - but, if not, then Monday wouldn't be too bad. After all, I've only reread the first three books so far and want to go through Goblet of Fire again before I start on Order of the Phoenix. Making sure I have the patience to do so will be quite a challenge. I'm even going to try to make sure I take notes while I read OotP, though I'm not entirely sure why.

Unfortunately I'll be reading solo, largely because my sore throat from earlier in the week has developed into a full-blown cold. (Also because ordering online rather than attending a midnight party saves a considerable chunk of cash.) Even if I had organised to meet up and read in with local folks, I'd probably have had to blow it off at the last moment. To be honest, the whole week hasn't gone as planned; other than booking Nimbus tickets, it's been very much a week to forget. The Great Punt!t00bage Friendship Fuck-up seems to have been worse than I had feared, or maybe I just put my foot in it even more with my apology. I would write about the issues surrounding it in general, but fear that this would only make matters worse still and want to quit while I'm not too far behind.

So what else is happening today? Well, oddree is celebrating what should hopefully be an extremely happy birthday, Lennox Lewis is taking on Vitali Klitschko for the heavyweight championship and the British athletics team are taking part in the European Cup today. So, all told, lots of nice sport to follow today - which, somehow, I have a feeling that I won't be doing... ;-)

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