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My copy of Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix arrived at 8:18 today. Wheeee! It was just like the old days of waiting for the postman in the hope that the latest turn of a postal game I was in would arrive, only slightly more so. (I had woken up at about 6:something this morning anyway...)

Thanks to amazon.co.uk and ericklendl (and not thanks to Latvia, Estonia and Poland) I have a copy of the "adult cover" hardback. The phoenix on the front is gorgeous and the picture of JKR herself on the back, in front of her library (a very interesting library at that!) is more than adequate.

Slightly groggily, I'm rereading Goblet of Fire at the moment. Currently I'm onto the third page of chapter two. I suspect I won't get them both read in a day, but I also suspect I will have a detrimentally good try. If your day is filled with storybook goodness, I hope you enjoy it as much as you could imagine.

See you in a few hours. Quite a few hours.

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