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Where do you fit in?

The wonderful lj_nifty is ever full of all sorts of cute LiveJournal tricks, most of which are indexed at the rather ungainly-named LJRelatedBP. (Hmm - that grammar looks incorrect but I can't work out quite how.)

Anyway, one of the most interesting things it has brought to my attention recently is the LiveJournal Browser which renders your LiveJournal friends list as a dynamic graph. What this means is, as they say, "It shows your friends, and any connections between those friends, and allows you to navigate from user to user, browsing the LiveJournal universe." In short, it produces a pretty picture with all your friends on and lines between the friends listed to show how they all relate to each other. You can play around with the graph, trying to twang people into different positions and seeing how it affects things and so on. It's great fun, particularly when you've got about 30+ Friends in there, some of whom are linked. It gives you a quick visual indication of how people relate to each other and how people do, after all, fit in.

The pictures themselves are a bit large, so best to put them behind a lj-cut:

This is the overall picture. It splits into two halves; draw a line approximately between fandomdirectory in the SW and congrats_heidi in the NE, very slightly bowing it towards the convex rather than the concave. Everyone to the NW of that line is reaonably identifiably in the Harry Potter fandom; broadly, people to the SE of that line are not.

Taking a closer look at the big Harry Potter fandom bundle in the centre north-west:

From this we can conclude:

1) there are people who are identifiably at the centre of the mess, for good reason, and people who are identifiably less central.

2) there is a fairly identifiable Western Slash Blob, which is approximately a circle with centre dinahrae and extending out as far as semperoccultus, black_dog, mortari and nystana. If you find yourself inside the Slash Blob and yet not particularly associated with slash then perhaps you should be.

3) there is a fairly identifiable t00bage triangle. Draw a line between oddree and lasultrix, a line between lasultrix and me and a line between oddree and me. Almost everyone inside this triangle is a regular t00b, plus dancingrain and expetesso, who are telephonic t00bs by proxy. (zorac, has your bill arrived yet?)

4) there is a fairly identifiable Nimbus trapezoid, which can be drawn from vanityfair to gwendolyngrace to moonstruck4rjl to erinmiran back to vanityfair. The inhabitants within are generally Nimbus usual suspects. Unfortunately mapping out the inhabitants of the rooms of doom produces no particular shape.

5) there is a Teesside Harry Potter fandom who are way off to the East of this graph: frufoo, miyake_is_mine and phoenixdru.

Taking a closer look at the big "rest of the world" to the South:

From this we can conclude:

A) there is a south-western sci-fi fandom oval.

B) the south-western sci-fi fandom oval is almost inseparable from the south-western UK game show fan oval, which cannot occur by accident.

C) the south-western UK game show fan oval is not particularly well-connected to the fairly self-contained south central game show fan circle, with 2ndavemusic, brakusjs, tomalhe and gsp_column defining its boundaries. I also note that gaby723 and jumbach have been assimilated into the collective.

D) there is a cohesive and tight south-eastern Oxford University RPGSoc circle with venta at its centre.

E) there is a less cohesive ESE oxgeek blob. Its lack of cohesion is caused by wimborne and addedentry being pulled towards the direction of the sci-fi fandom oval and chrisvenus being the go-between between the oxgeeks and the RPGSoc blob.

What does this mean? Probably bugger all in practice, but it's still good fun.

What else can we do with this big silly picture? A couple of days ago, vanityfair wrote "I would like to introduce this concept to all of you. I would love it if everybody introduced one of the people on their friends list to someone else on their friends list. Share the love." Happy to help and we can try to introduce people from various blobs to one another.

j4, mhw: Kay, Janet; Janet, Kay.
dr4b, songmonk: Mason, Deanna; Deanna, Mason.
the_maenad, tall_man: Tyler, Sandra; Sandra, Tyler.

Eeh, this is harder than I thought it would be. Let's stick with three pairs for now and see if any of them work.

Let's steal another viral concept - this one from hawkida, who got it from mstevens: if you would be so kind, please name something you think I'd like doing, but which I don't actually do, to the best of your knowledge.

Preferably something specific with no prior skill requirements.

Answers involving sex 'n' drugs 'n' rock'n'roll should be taken as read.
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