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Eye won two beer par to vit, New York, New York

For the particular attention of the good folk of New York City and (very close) surrounding areas.

I will be arriving in JFK terminal 7 at 13:05 on Tuesday 15th July and spending a little time that day in New York City before leaving on a Greyhound coach that day. Similarly, I will be arriving back in New York City on Tuesday 22nd July and spending some time there before travelling to JFK7 to catch an 11pm flight out. Would any NYC people be interested in, and have the time available to, spend a little time with me on either of those days? I very much doubt that I will get much chance to catch up with you in the near future except during these little transfers. Tuesdays may well be tricky, but I'd hate to miss the chance if you have a gap in your schedule.

In a related matter, would anyone be able to help me purchase a Greyhound coach ticket online by using a US credit card based at a US address? Ideally it would be someone who I could meet up with on the Tuesday and pick up the tickets from in person, but if no such person exists then we can work out some other solution ("Will Call" ticketing, if it's available - or, at a pinch, sending the tickets through some guaranteed service.) I would transfer you funds to cover all appropriate costs in advance by PayPal or somesuch. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Unrelated matter for the 99.83% of the world who don't live close to NYC: I imagine at least a third of you would be amused by current_affairs, a community for Real Politician Slash. Oh my.
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