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Am back and safe from Nimbus - 2003. I have a write-up half-written at sundry easyInternetCafés which I shall finish forthwith; this is just a note to confirm that I have arrived back in Middlesbrough without problems. In short, Nimbus - 2003 was great. I met tons of tremendous people on the trip (not all at Nimbus!) and had a wonderful, though frequently rather nerve-wracking, time.

If anyone will be passing the London Victoria easyInternetCafé, I think I have about 20 minutes of unused credit remaining there which I shall pass into the public domain. Try credit number 9458 2729 5294 with password jp and let me know if it works. (It expires at 15:35:53 on Wednesday 30th.) Not one to go miles out of your way for, but I'd be interested to know if I could pass on a freebie to a Victoria commuter in this way.

In unrelated news, many happy returns of the day and a wonderful 7/23 to gaby723!
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