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Midnight Caller

One advantage - possibly the one advantage - of keeping the hours that I do is that when people telephone me at 3:40am, they do not wake me up with their call.

I was downstairs, getting a glass of apple juice, when Mum called from upstairs that my bedroom phone was ringing. Accordingly, I sprinted upstairs to beat the seven-ring guillotine of the voicemail and was delighted to find out that it was a non-LJ friend from London who I have known for almost ten years calling at the end of his drunken (but not that drunken) and enjoyable stag night. (Possibly three of you may know him.) He told me about the fun I had missed and we sang approximately 30 seconds of each of some of our favourite songs together, in lieu of having been able to sing them with great volume and remarkably little accuracy at the stag night.

The playlist was:
  • A Tribe Of Toffs - John Kettley Is A Weatherman
  • The New Christy Minstrels - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Chas and Dave - The Sideboard Song (Live) (Got My Beer In The Sideboard Here)
  • Tom Lehrer - National Brotherhood Week
    and that all time drunken stag-night classic...
  • Black Lace - Agadoo
Now perhaps he has a couple of excuses that I don't in that (a) it was his stag night and (b) he was tewwibly, tewwibly... dwunk. However, I take being phoned for singing as the closing activity of choice for your one and only stag night as an extremely high compliment.

Now I suppose it would be traditional at this point to post an embarrassing photo of the bridegroom on his stag night. However, I can do better than that. I can post an embarrassing sound file (.wav, 342 KB, very quiet - turn the sound up) of the bridegroom ringing me at 1am last Saturday and singing drunkenly to my voicemail.


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