Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Another MSO day, another game show host

Better day at the MSO, which should hopefully result in a more interesting bulletin than the past few days. Three good stories: Jeremy Beadle attends the British Quiz Championships, someone breaks a world record in the Memory Skills Championship by remembering 3,180 binary digits (which is about half as good as a ZX-81) and lots of people play Caribbean style dominoes at great volume.

Kind of been in a bad mood for much of the evening, though. Called home and the mood was not good. (Shouldn't've left it this long.) The newsletter is getting rather erratic, possibly problematically mistake-loaded. I had to produce the newsletter all by myself tonight without any bosses proof-reading it, so there could be any number of errors or comments that shouldn't be there in there. However, I'm off tomorrow to a wedding in London of a close off-LJ friend.

Actually, the coach leaves in 3½ hours. I'll try to get a quick nap now, but getting to the bus station may be tricky; the hotel is *here* - waves left hand - the bus station is *here* - waves right hand - and the several blocks which have been closed to the public because of the large Europride party are right in between. On top of that, we can confidently expect traffic to be absolutely awful - the roads are normally super-busy this weekend and the train situation will make them even worse. At least I have left four hours between the coach's scheduled arrival and the start of the wedding. I'm just banking on sleeping on the coach, which is... probably safer under the circumstances than usual.

Finally, here's a work-safe pic of me presenting a programme with Jeremy Beadle.

OK, that's actually "me presenting Jeremy Beadle with a programme". Jeremy actually said "I'm normally the one presenting the programmes".

Smashing bloke. Does a load of work for charity, extremely friendly, hugely knowledgeable and well-read, very much into quizzes. Hosted Win Beadle's Money, the UK version of Win Ben Stein's Money. Exclusive gossip: he never got to meet Ben Stein. They were knocking around the concept of a special where Jeremy was going to go and try to win Ben's money (presumably alongside all the other international WBSM hosts like Roy and HG from Australia?) and Jeremy accepted, but it never happened.

I've been distinctly less happy than I feel I ought to have been for a few days now. Will really have to seriously look into whether it's clinical depression and if so whether it might be treatable, or whether it's just other unhelpful/depressing aspects of my personality manifesting themselves particularly strongly right now due to the situation.

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