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Level Up!

Have been relatively busy recently. Games club on Tuesday and Thursday: there was a big committee meeting and a big real-world (non-party) political issue came up which caused a nasty split with a lot of not-very-constructive argument. I'm not sure what's going to happen next (and I don't feel like going into more details) but it doesn't look good. On Wednesday evening I went to the first class in my UCPD (translation, another 1/15 of an BSc) course in Database Applications. Very gentle start indeed so far.

Incidentally, it was really refreshing to be reminded of the considerable resources that a Students' Union can offer. (Either that, or I'm just on a big student nostalgia kick.) In these days of part-time courses, lifelong learning and so forth, I would not be overly surprised if I ended up taking 1/15 of a degree course per year for several years to come - 15, if they'll allow it. It's almost as if these facilities are too valuable to be wasted on people who have full-time courses to fit in as well over their three years.

Have also been applying for jobs - not many, but it's better than none at all. I've gone for one with the local council, administrating a drop-in information centre, one at Spotlight Guides Ltd. (who turned me down in April, but I'd still like to work for them) and I've called for a form as a training & support consultant for a company who are involved with telephony software. On top of that, one of the local student pubs wants "a lively student" to run a quiz for them. At last my Fandom Squares experience threatens to be directly relevant.

Interesting and surprisingly convincing essay about marijuana. I have neither experience with it nor interest in getting any, but it made me re-examine my thoughts about legalisation and attitudes to it. I've written a longer article about my objections to drugs (and drink) but I'm neither happy with the substance of my objections nor the way I've written about them. Needs much more thought.

I do want to write about last week's very good weekend away at some point but my writing mojo has to some extent deserted me. Instead, from addedentry, the Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games has lots of nice pictures and some very interesting flavour text describing them.

My five experience points have qualified me to become a level two bleeder, which gives me +1 against all vampire attacks from sheer boredom with the experience. Not sure why I am no longer 1203 underneath my name and am now 0721 above my name; also not sure why I no longer have a friendly teacup in the bottom right hand corner. Five more pints and I can become a third-level bleeder with a bronze card, presumably in 2005 - but now I no longer bear the "bleeding newbie" hallmark, I somehow feel much more comfortable about some day deciding to stop.

Oh yes - in case you're interested and can't read it, I'm bleeder number N02968697. Don't do anything naughty with it, will you?

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