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If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my Friends

NAO Chess Club won their last match 4-2, so became club champions of Europe, thus salvaging my chess tipster reputation after a mighty scare. They'll be dancing in the streets of Paris tonight. (Maybe.) Full conclusion when the official site coughs up the data, or even comes back online at all.

I am arbitrarily declaring this to be "appreciate people who have Friended you but whom you have not Friended back" day. Folks, I love you all (a little), hope you're enjoying reading and thank you for your interest. I do read some of your journals from time to time, even if 40% time pressures and 60% lack of interest crossover do not permit me to reciprocate the compliment by beFriending. Here's to you all; I raise my glass. (Of milk.)

The way I will demonstrate my appreciation is by dusting out the old "anonymous messages to members of my Friends list" thing, but with the twist that if I've Friended you, you're not getting a message from me on this occasion - these go out to the 48 journals who have Friended me and I haven't friended back. Eyes down for a full house.
  1. All of a sudden I've gone from not knowing that your fandom existed as a fandom to knowing two people in different countries interested in it. Party on, dude! No less respectable than mine.

  2. Amusing and entirely kind-spirited.

  3. Are some of your entries from the predecessor that so many people used? Had things turned out differently, I might well have got to know you there some time ago.

  4. Best of luck with the big changes in your lifestyle. You must have very considerable talent even to try to make your dream come true; I hope you can do.

  5. Best of luck with your brave big endeavour. However, you have chosen to involve some people who have made friends of mine upset for no good reason, so I will not support you, much as I would like to.

  6. Enjoy yourself in your new surroundings! I like where you are a great deal and there's always a chance I might have occasion to be in your neck of the woods in the coming months.

  7. Fingers crossed that university turns out to be everything you hoped for.

  8. I can't believe you're the only person to have registered one of your unique interests. The bloke is an icon and will likely still be talked about in thirty years' time. Mind you, he could well still be on TV in 30 years' time.

  9. I dearly hope things will work out for you with the coming lifestyle changes and that you, your family and your new addition can all be very happy indeed together.

  10. I do like your name, largely because it reminds me of a children's TV presenter of my youth, but the only person I ever met with that name was kind and hard-working with a great sense of humour.

  11. I fleeeeeng onions in your general direction.

  12. I hadn't realised just how funny (funny ha ha, not funny peculiar) you are!

  13. I have a very grudging respect for your team. As the world knows, they don't play fairly, but they do play honourably. Of course, I would like them a lot more if they weren't based where they are.

  14. I have long admired where you live and am quite envious of your country's quality of life and relatively distinctive national character. Be proud!

  15. I'd appreciate you more if you were funky but can sympathise very much with your current predicament.

  16. I'm afraid that I really can't relate to you at all and cannot even think of a particularly relevant kind word. Sorry!

  17. I'm glad you only needed to have such a short life.

  18. If you were to cross yourself with me - strange thought - then you would get at least two of our mutual friends. In that sense, you are the anti-me. That's cool, though. Have fun!

  19. In five years time, you will probably be one of the five most real-world-famous people in the fandom - and you'll deserve it, for all the right reasons. Rather wish we had had more chance to speak now... :-)

  20. Interesting and unobjectionable idea, but are you being maintained at all?

  21. It's a joy to know you. Sometimes I have naughty thoughts about you, which I hope might be realised some day.

  22. It's great that you have so many genuinely good reasons to laugh. Laughter is a wonderful thing.

  23. Joke's over now.

  24. Keep pushing yourself, keep trying interesting new things. Think hard this month about how you're going to spend the next one. I look forward to following your progress.

  25. Keep writing and writing and writing. They say that when journalists write books, they're identifiably produced in 300-word chunks, one little story at a time. Nobody seems to mind, so maybe this would work for you.

  26. Lovely to get to meet you. Although we don't have much in common and I was surprised (and slightly dismayed) by some of your other interests and experiences, I'm sure you could teach me much about the interests we do share.

  27. Many on my Friends list are fine writers, but you are a fine writer of an entirely different sort. I'd like to see more of your work in the style of what might be your most famous piece, or at least the only one I know.

  28. Not convinced... really not convinced. Let's see whether you stay the course.

  29. On the grounds that this is anonymous, I wonder if I can get away with asking to see these famous and much-discussed, almost mythical photos?

  30. Our paths are so different and I cannot imagine I have anything to teach you, but I wish you well all the same.

  31. Remarkable, absolutely remarkable! Yet you're not actually the only person on my Friends list to achieve what you've done - well, 12/13 of it, at least. (You should get to know the other one, though obviously I can't say who here.) Would you like to talk university at some point?

  32. Sometimes we all need a cuddle. I'm glad you've clearly got such a supportive group of friends (some I've met, some I'd like to) and hope that you can all get together often.

  33. Sorry to hear things are going through a bad patch. I hope you can find inspiration from some source.

  34. Sounds like a fantastic time. You're having a lot of fun!

  35. There's nothing wrong with your writing style or what you choose to write about, I just tend to have a greater interest in personal journals than weblogs.

  36. Weak troll.

  37. You give such nice comments to my friends and I bet you're just as kind in real life.

  38. You have a great site and it was cute to discover a mutual acquaintance.

  39. You made me look up what the meaning of the last word in your name was.

  40. You remind me a lot of myself - unfortunately, in the painful ways. I hope you can find ways to play to your very considerable strengths that the rest of the world is able to cope with.

  41. You should definitely ask her. There are more of us around than you think.

  42. You're a very popular member of both the community you're part of and the community you aren't part of but with which I still associate you. Keep going, keep doing what you're good at.

  43. You're clearly very talented and held in dear regard by some people whose opinions I regard very highly. Don't let the world change you.

  44. You're evidently very special to some people who are very special to me. I can't imagine you won't be good to them.

  45. You're so talented at what you do and I am thrilled that things have turned out so well for you. There's hope for the rest of us - OK, specifically for me - yet!

  46. You've been through so much and I feel a little guilty for saying anything about it without knowing all the facts; it's such a big thing that I regard it as not my business. As far as I can tell, it seems to be turning out well at long last. I hope it does.

  47. Your happiness and evident contentment is infectious. Would that we could all find as much peace of mind!

  48. Your talent's high reputation precedes you and it is entirely well-deserved.
How much do I love you all? I love you as I love seconds 20 to 26 of this tiny MIDI. (Link yoinked from whipartist.)
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