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Middlesbrough film alert


...hopefully this is clear enough.

Middlesbrough UGC have been showing Spirited Away all week. Their last two showings are 5:10pm today and 11:30am tomorrow. Ringing their line, it does not look like they will be showing it again next week. These are probably the last two times it will be shown in Middlesbrough.

It is a beautiful Japanese animated ghost story; to say more would be to spoil it. I expressed reservations about whether I would enjoy it or not at first, but lots of people on my Friends list recommended it, for which I thank you dearly. (At some point I still mean to write about my weekend away.) I am happy to pass on their recommendation and magnify it as being very likely to be the sort of thing that (in descending order of proximity) fruufoo, longsunday, superfi and athena_arena would like. On top of that, it is really not being shown at all widely; this is a genuinely rare and valuable chance to see it. Even though I've seen it once, I'm going to go and see it again at the 11:30am showing tomorrow, at a cost of just £2.95. If any of you folks can at all swing it to be there, I really strongly recommend that you consider it. See all the squealing in the comments last time I mentioned it as evidence.

Happy birthday to the_maenad, for whom I care very much and who has been more influential on me than she may know - in a very good way.
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