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Godslayer of Hit Points

Today has been one of the best days in Middlesbrough for quite a while. Unfortunately, it was almost completely unproductive in terms of the bigger picture (I rang and asked for one job application form) and also in terms of composing posts in my head which I'll never actually write in practice.

Nevertheless, a fine evening, spent with fruufoo, her friends Rich, Dave and Talia and about eight or ten more people I've never met before watching videos at her house - which, incidentally, has a more clean and attractive bathroom than that of every other student house I've ever visited. It seems that Teesside University has a fan society for fen to get together and do fannish things.

Tonight's fandom consisted of watching two episodes of a very strange Japanese cartoon called "Dragon Half" about a half-dragon lady who has a crush on a pop singer, who happens to be trying to kill her. It was remarkably humorous, which was a little worrying until it became clear that it was deliberately being played for laughs. The closing sequence had a song which is particularly nonsensical, but remarkably charming; given that there are many people who know far more about this sort of thing than I do, assistance here of a .mp3 nature would be much appreciated, if y'know wharrImean.

After viewing that and a considerable amount of sitting round chatting, trying to work out whether anything else would happen, there was a dramatic reading of the scene from Order of the Phoenix at which Umbridge gives Harry his first detention and then we watched the first three (of six) episodes of the BBC's 1996 Neverwhere. An entertaining evening, all told. It was also an extremely refreshing change to get out of the house and get together with... well, if not exactly people my age, people who I can regard as like-minded peers - a very scarce commodity in Middlesbrough over the years. (The gamers' club is full of nice folks, but somehow I'm not terribly close to many of them.)

Poker blog lovecasinowar (syndie feed) points to an article about ESPN televising Scrabble. Hurrah! What with ESPN televising Scrabble, Chess, the National Spelling Bee and (previously) Magic: the Gathering, plus with the World Poker Tour making ripples for the Travel Channel, there's got to be hope for the televisual potential of an integrated mind sports festival, mentioning no employers.

Oh, and Nigel Short won a bewildering game today. The Samba Cup has particularly neat live coverage which just about kept up with some remarkable time control scrambles. Recommended!

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