Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Vocab game: away we go!

The great Chris-o-vocab-o-predict-o-game for September is about to get started. Here are the runners, riders and profile.

Anonymous Azerbaijan: Finland
ieyasu: loquacious
lambertman: avuncular
missingdonut: excel
bateleur: mindsport
amuzulo: chuck
owen: rough
quiz_master_man: including
hmtriplecrown: metallurgy

So we are nine for the money. (Actually, eight: "including" contravenes rule two and so doesn't start. Sorry, Myron.) The Middlesbrough line has "rough" as a 2-5 favourite, with "Finland" 4-1, "excel" 5-1 and the rest in the double digits - "12-1 bar", as they say on the racing coverage.

All these odds are "for entertainment purposes only", as they say in Vegas when talking about the Oscars. Mind you, if anyone would actually like to place a bet, then you never know, I might possibly be willing to take it... ;-)

We shall see. I shall try not to let any of the eight words listed affect my LJ entries, but I have got a feeling that my brain is going to be subject to Owen's whims this time next month!

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