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I am 16 years younger than "Weird Al" Yankovic. Works for me.

Chris' Annual Birthday Bonanza Attention Grab Exercise the aftermath edition

When is was your birthday?
Thursday, October 23rd. Today! Now! w00t!

How old are you?

What can I do for you?
Neither cards nor presents, even from real-world friends; neither e-mail nor celebratory comment in your LJ. Instead, I request that you kindly speak to me today.

What, now?
Please press F5 to refresh and see whether this entry says "YES, NOW!" or "NO, NOT AT THE MOMENT!" :-) I've been out to late lunch at a rather good cheap Chinese buffet, hence the delay, and also out to see friends at the local gamers' club. I should be contactable until about silly o'clock in the morning British time (3am British, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific).

So, assuming I've just hit refresh and am sure I'm looking at the most up-to-date version of this post, right this moment?
No. It isn't my birthday any more. Actually, if you feel like it: yes.

What's the number, then?
That's going to be hidden away for another year. (Or you could always ask me!)

What's this about you paying for the call?
NetPhone2 and pc2call both scrubbed out. If you know of a similar web-to-phone application where I could prepay for a chunk calls and just tell the world the user ID and password, let me know; Net2Phone look reputable, but have a US$10 minimum buyin, which is a good US$5 more than I wanted to spend. There's always AIM or Y!M, for I have a mic, or I can Just Dial out to you for a negligible pittance if you can supply a number and a mutually convenient time to call - no problem at all. Got to speak to you today, though, otherwise It Doesn't Count.

Do you really want me to call? I hardly know you!
Yes, you. Even if you're reading this on a Friends page, on a Friendsfriends page, on someone else's friendsfriends page, or if you just found my journal by pressing the "Random LiveJournal" button, I would love to hear from you. Even if you think I don't know you, feel free to call.

I haven't spoken to you since last October 23rd / for years / ever before!
Please regard this as sufficient excuse. I will be especially pleased to hear from you.

I've never called anyone who I hardly know in the UK before!
Perhaps you could regard this as sufficient excuse to do so as well.

So I'm calling someone I don't know. What should I say?
Whatever you like. You know what I like from this LiveJournal thing.

Do I need to sing "Happy Birthday" to you?
Definitely not. Unless you want to. (Last year, 2 out of 15 people did.)

Is this for real?
Well, am I for real? No, don't answer that...
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