Teesside Snog Monster (jiggery_pokery) wrote,
Teesside Snog Monster

Unlucky snail, lucky worm

The nights are drawing in - it's getting dark around 8pm these days. We have a shed in our back garden, which is really in a very poor state of repair, and part of day was spent going through it looking to see what could be salvaged for a jumble sale held by someone who lives around a couple of corners.

Last year I bought a small trampoline, a little under a yard across, and used it for short bouncing sessions. (As we all know, bouncing is inherently good.) While bouncing is more fun than most other forms of exercise, I'm guessing it's fairly high intensity - it always fatigued my leg muscles pretty quickly. Eventually I could get up to two three-minute sessions a day at a little over 100 bounces/minute. Anyway, as the trampoline has come to light again, I get on it for an exploratory bounce and everything looks OK.

Fifteen seconds later, I feel something crunchy and wet underfoot. A quick look down and it turns out that there had been a stealth snail hiding underneath the protective cloth cover at the edge of the trampoline. My bounces had bounced the snail right out... and underfoot. Unlucky snail. (Need to wash the trampoline - also the socks.)

We also found a worm that had crawled right out of somewhere, no idea where and that was sat on our back yard, fat and jolly. (Alive, too.) Dad picked it up and dumped it in our composter, full of organic goodies. Looking at this worm FAQ, this was probably about the best thing we could possibly have done, both for the worm and for the compost. Lucky worm. Lucky, lucky, lucky worm.

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