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I have many - twelve? - tiny little points to make tonight. I'll put some down now and edit this entry to add more later.

  • In the past, on a few occasions I've said "I had a bad night full of troubling thoughts". By contrast, last night I had some thoughts which brought me unexpected great clarity and peace of mind. Currently they are in an off-LJ private post (i.e., a text file on my disk); if they remain similarly constructive in a few days then I may share them.

  • Happy birthday to marysiak, who lives one of the most fascinating lives on my Friends list.

  • dr4b and dezzikitty at least will enjoy the bottom of this page, supplied by addedentry. If you know what the two of them and I have in common and you share it too (and to spell it out would be a spoiler!) you may enjoy it as well!

  • Every year the Sports Review of the Year overruns; they could learn and just schedule it to be longer and less packed, but they never do. This year, with the added 50th-edition retrospective "best champion ever" award, I'd put money at short odds on it overrunning. Predictions as to just how large the overrun will be most welcome.

  • Speaking of which, it's just about to start, so I'm off to watch it. Additions to follow later.

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