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Latest low-cost flight rumours

"Ryanair, the Dublin-based no-frills carrier, currently uses Prestwick as its Scottish hub for scheduled flights but Spanish destinations are also likely to be offered by a new budget airline set to operate out of Prestwick within the next three months.

The airport and the other budget carriers that operate in the UK have so far remained silent on the new carrier's identity but bmibaby, the newly-formed low-cost subsidiary of bmi British Midland, has been touted as the most likely candidate."

The source of this quote is The Herald, which seems reputable enough but has reason to be a little on the hopeful side, being local to the Glasgow area. The bmibaby press centre has nothing to say on the subject.

Oh, wow. You've got to love the Herald's news article's URL, though, which suggests that someone's still suffering from a little bit of Y2K bug. The folks at The Herald might also want to do something about this mega-index, too. Now you could argue that this is a deliberate decision on their part, so people can just Google on link:www.theherald.co.uk/news/ to find The Herald's take on things, but it doesn't work. (Perhaps Google needs to actually have a page for the link: operator to work from, rather than just an empty index with no index.html?)

It would also tend to make sense in that Scotland could always do with more low-cost flight provision, as previously discussed - plus bmibaby challenging Ryanair at their previously-established Scottish hub would be consistent with bmibaby challenging go who had previously set up at EMA.

So this region looks like it's going to have to wait even longer still. It's not impossible that there could be futher entrants into the low-cost market which might turn out to be useful for the NE. After all, there was - past tense - Gill Airways based at Newcastle before it went under. It probably only ("only") costs about GBP 2-5 million to set up a small commercial airline and I'm sure you could do a tiddler for less. I'm still sticking with my prediction of Easyjet from Newcastle in 2004.

In other news, I've uploaded a few more user pictures to play with. Not sure I've got the balance quite right yet, but this one certainly is rather fun.

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