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6 hours, $25

Not a vastly interesting post, this, just a lj-cut hiding some pictures to show the process being transparent and working as intended.

Kind of cute to see so many coupons being used on the same transaction and to see that the total spend is $25.25 for a $25.00 subscription. Never mind.

Yes, I fill in the rest of the form later.

...and now you know where I live, feel free to send The Boys round. The colours are screwy because I'm out of memory.

...and here's the receipt. Hm, I hope spammers don't run OCR on random .jpg files for address-digging purposes.

The net result of today's effort is that my PayPal account is -$25.25 and my LiveJournal account is + one year's paid time, so I'm not out of pocket, but that $25.25 of people's coupons have been used and that the American Cancer Society has gained to the tune of $25.25.

It's that easy. Who's next - which user and which charity?

Many thanks to LiveJournal for handing out all these coupons in the first place, but particular thanks to the selfless LiveJournal users who spent their coupons on giving to charity rather than on their own accounts. You're the good guys; I'm just the facilitator.
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