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"GLASGOW City Council bosses have offered help worth up to £1million to an airline to make Glasgow Airport its second base.

Council leader Charles Gordon has met with senior executives of budget airline MyTravel Lite and is confident they will choose Glasgow ahead of Prestwick, Newcastle and Belfast."

This comes from another Scottish newspaper - this time, an article in the Glasgow Evening Times.

Very interesting in that I hadn't thought MyTravel Lite were going to be looking for a second hub for some time to come. Also interesting in that a lot of the other contenders are named, though I suspect this may be speculation on the GET's part. Interesting to see that Newcastle is one of the contenders up there, though Teesside isn't. This is all to do with council backing, I fear; Glasgow Council are big enough to be able to invest in their city's airport (which, for the record, is owned by BAA), whereas the consortium of conucils which owns Teesside Airport are discussing how to get rid of it.

There's an interesting point of view about the Scottish Airports question which I hadn't really considered seriously before today. Now it may well be that knocking GLA and EDI down for one combined Scottish airport would be very expensive and would cause longer journies for people in both the Glasgow and Edinburgh conurbations. However, a single airport which serves (in rough 2030 figures) 40 million passengers per year may be rather more useful than two airports which serve 20 million passengers each and this may help attract more airlines and encourage them to fly directly to more destinations.

Tricky to work out which would be better for the people of Scotland. Very tricky.

Overheard from Andrew Marr on BBC News at Ten, in the context of the Blair/Bush interactions with Iraq: "It's like a sophisticated game of bluff - except, of course, that it isn't a game and they aren't bluffing." I'm sorry? Has Alan Partridge been promoted to Political Editor?

I have also given in to my previous urges (see about 70% down) and joined Project Dolphin. You can follow my progress (16,428th place as I type, about 20% from the bottom, due to people who signed up for accounts and never started) and that of the LiveJournal team (766th, just above half-way). Hint, hint.

I'm not sure I was doing it for the right reasons, though. What finally inspired me to sign up was this posting at lj_dev. It got a mild flame for being posted in a community where the poster knew it would be off-topic and rightfully so. That said, it was what inspired me to take the step and sign up. I make it a policy not to react to unsolicited bulk or commercial e-mail and I dare say that many others do too. However, for some reason I've let myself react to this off-topic posting. Not so good.

Other news: I've uploaded five new LJ photos plus a blank, because I was starting to get a little tired of the lack of choice. I've also changed my LJ style to something which uses a slightly easier-to-read screen font. Today's exercise: mowing two small lawns, raking one.

Not hugely exciting, but I try my best!

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