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Phone Post: The Make-You-Very-Blue Danube

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“As you may have seen in <lj user="news">, LiveJournal has produced commercials. The first commercial is available for download. It features The Blue Danube. Once The Blue Danube goes into your head, it will not go out again. To make matters worse, I have added lyrics to the bit of The Blue Danube they used; these lyrics will also not go out of your head. In this PhonePost, I sing them enthusiastically and badly. Very badly.”

Transcribed by: jiggery_pokery

Edited to add: it'd probably help if you saw the post I referred to which links to the commercials. Oh, and now you can tell I really wasn't kidding when I listed singing badly as an interest. I would start a "singing badly" community where bad singers of the world can warble away in PhonePosts on the community, but I'm not sure it's possible to make PhonePosts except to your own LiveJournal. (Can there be PhonePosts to a community with a paid account, I wonder?)
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