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The Last and The First

Well, I can't believe it's getting close to midnight;
Time to kiss another year goodbye.
But is there any way to keep myself from drifting off to sleep
Tonight, with thoughts of all I missed, or didn't try?
It's a rough time to forgive yourself
But enough time left to pray,
That the last shall be first,
And the worst is behind us
And a year, well it goes by us awfully fast.
But the past isn't cursed,
Just the first to remind us
That the hard part is to make the good part last.

Though we can't close out and say things are afoot;
We can offer thanks that we're still here.
For every miracle undone, there's one more grand that's just begun
Could be the only thing that's ending is the year.
Leave the sorrows with the party hats
'Cause tomorrow's one more day,
When the last shall be first,
And the best is before us
'Cause a year of it goes by so awfully fast.
And the past laid to rest
Will attest, be the chorus;
There's no pardon or no break,
We just guard what we can take,
And the hard part is to make the good part last.

If there's time that I can hold
Your hand and stand against the cold,
We'll warm the world until it's old enough to say;
That the last shall be first
And the worst is behind us,
In a life that's going by us awfully fast.
But the past isn't cursed,
Though the verse tries to blind us,
It's the first to remind us
That it isn't there for living in
Or find us fairly giving in
To blue days, when the new day's still more vast,
And the hard part is to make the good part last.

-- The Last, 2ndavemusic

1. Read 50 books in 2004, as in 50bookchallenge.
2. Take a backup of e-mail files and get a haircut every month.
3. Produce my annual accounts (June 2003 - June 2004) before the end of July 2004.
4. See a therapist until I have implemented ten good suggestions to change my life and my outlook upon life for the better.
5. Produce my card list by the end of November and send the cards out by the end of the 1st week of December.
6. Get my naked bodyweight below 182 lbs. at some point in the year and be no more than 186 lbs. the first time I weigh myself in 2005. (I lost nearly 15 lbs. in 2004 - lose another 10 lbs. in 2003.)
7. Do at least 20 hours of practice before the World Puzzle Championship qualifying competition.
8. Come to some conclusions about what to do with my collections and dispose of them if need be.
9. Be less selfish in my actions, my conversation and my comments on other people's LJs. Never ever order someone around for my own convenience.
10. Open my emotions to other people more; take chances by letting people know how much you like them.

Most of December 31st (and a few more hours this morning!) has been spent backing up my Windows 98SE system; my CD writer seems to work (most of the time!) so long as you don't insert the CD you're going to write onto until it actually asks you to. Assuming I'm not going to change OS, what, if anything, is worth backing up from C:\WINDOWS\, please?

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