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Subject lines like "this and that" *so* unimaginitive

Heard a great phrase the other day: "Stupidity often manifests itself as an insatiable desire to fulfill one's curiosity". Not doing things because you think they will make you look stupid is bad, but not doing things because they are stupid things to do is good, yesno? If so, how do you tell the two apart? Would you be willing to help me when I cannot tell on which side of the line a course of action will fall?

What's the point at which application of "do as you would be done by" becomes "being self-righteous"? Not even sure whether you can use DAYWBDB to justify your actions without crossing the line. Perhaps "You'd do the same for me, right?" gets the same message across and just sounds less preachy. What do you think, please?

For the first time in a while, I feel at rather a loose end tonight; Christmas is over, my cards are all done, I am waiting to hear from my accountant before working further on my accounts, my PC's hard drive backup is only a week old and I've now finished and handed in my database assignment. All my large short-term tasks are finished; it's now back to the longer-term necessities like working out how to make a living and so forth.

This probably also makes it a good time to think hard about _witchinghour_, the big Harry Potter event in Salem, MA in October 2005. The line-up working on the event is remarkable; so many people working on the event with such an early start means that it's got the potential to set the already high post-Nimbus bar remarkably higher still. Don't feel that you need to know canon forwards, backwards and have 30 famous fanfic writers on your Friends list to benefit; if the concept appeals, start planning and saving for your trip now.

Meant to say this last time but forgot: wouldn't bowling be even better if the video screens with the scoreboards (etc.) very occasionally did more interesting things? Much like there used to be a big arcade racing game which showed live video footage of the leading player in the race, it would be easy (and, these days, very cheap) to insert strategically-placed cameras in the ceilings. Then whenever you pulled off a tricky spare you could be treated to an action replay of the pins falling and whenever you scored a strike you would get an action replay of either you celebrating (as long as you were looking at the camera at the right time) or the rest of the players at your lane looking happy/sad.

My sleep pattern has gravitated towards Mountain/Pacific Standard recently, but I pulled an all-nighter with a couple of short naps to finish my assignment last night and this has reigned it back to something more sensible. A very annoying thing about habitually being many hours out of sync is that your meal clock gets out of sync; when people are serving a big dinner/supper, you only want a light lunch, but you also want a big meal later. The usual annoying, unhealthy conclusion is grazing on snacks between suppertime and bedtime many hours later.

Quickies: the Nomictastic Referendum Party are back, sort of, only much more so; the chart of days on which most SMS texts sent were sent suggests only an 11% rise in texting throughout 2003, which is remarkably small; potentially, didn't Billie Piper get off lightly in her choice of annoying sugar daddy compared to Britney Spears?

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