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"Ah. Sponge mode."

Just a quick note to say that quiz_master_man is OK, despite having deleted his journal; I have his permission to quote him as saying
In case you're wondering, the disappearance of my
Livejournal is temporary; its existance was discovered
by the folks at work, and I need to make sure there's
nothing incriminating in the public posts. Should be
back up in a bit. Today's the first day of the Spring
Semester, so I've got bona fide news and could post
something of substance for a change.
This sort of thing happens from time to time (it's an industrial hazard!) so it may be a good time to remind the world of the bulk journal Public-to-Friends-only permission changers. This posting to lj_nifty mentions a powerful tool that someone is hosting online (read the caveats); if you're a bit handy with Java command lines and don't like submitting your LJ password to arbitrary sites, there's always HideJournal, the less-flexible but purely local solution, with source code.

Sponge mode. I will be in London for the weekend of Friday 16th to Sunday 18th January (busy solving puzzles!) and in Oxford for the weekend of Friday 23rd to Monday 26th January (busy playing games at OxCon!) Unfortunately the plan for a free flight to Boston hasn't come off, but London is a very good substitute. I am hoping to stay in The South for the week of Sunday 18th to Friday 23rd January. Accordingly:

1) Please would it be possible and convenient for your schedules to see any of you Southern types who I don't normally get to see while I'm down there?
2) Please might I sponge some crash space from you while doing so?

I do have a confirmed standing offer of accommodation from a guy I do some work for in Potter's Bar and it would be very useful to go up there and see them for some of the time, but I don't think there'll be enough work to keep me busy for a whole week. Accordingly, if none of you are able to help then I'm not wildly screwed, but it would be nice to see as many different folk while I'm there as I can - especially folk I have never seen before or don't get to see at all often as well as familiar friends.

ETP: via ari_o, friend_whoring (the Join Me! of LiveJournal) has a similar potential to turn out to be really evil despite appearing to be benign on the surface. Worth it for the silliest Joule results ever. Makes a change, I guess, from all those let's see how many comments we can get to one post threads - twelve grand and counting...
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