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Just to let you know I'm back from my tour of the South safely, happy and well. Everyone has been tremendously kind, the events I went for were largely extremely successful and it was a thrill to meet some lovely new people for the first time and others for the first time for a long time. A report with lots of highlights to follow. (Also wonderful to hear excellent news for many people on my Friends list while I've been away! There's a definite "Sometimes good things happen to good people" theme going on, which is extremely refreshing.)

On the downside, I've returned to some bad family health news which has acted as rather a moodkiller. No specifics, sorry; this is firmly into "this isn't your business because the people concerned think it isn't" territory and this isn't very likely to change even for my closest friends. Supportive thoughts and warm wishes definitely appreciated (and I will assume you're sending them, so I request that you specifically don't contact me to confirm this!) though I'm afraid that I don't feel like going into more detail about exactly who needs them and why.

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