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Haven't posted for a few days; just a quick note to let you know how I am.

For the last three days I have had rather a sore throat. I have been treating it with a pair of co-codamol tablets (500mg paracetamol, 8mg codeine) four times per day for the last three days, which is the maximum recommended by the box; unfortunately, it also says "don't continue for more than three days" and now three days are up. Oh dear. I've never been sure what to do at this point, apart from chocolate, orange juice, occasional warm soup, sleep and "a bit of what you fancy" (not a euphemism for anything specific, more just general recuperative/convalescent malingering laziness), and whether changing to another brand of paracetamol without the codeine would be a bad idea. The sore throat is continuing but has turned into a sniffly/drippy nose and occasional sneezing, which suggests some sort of cold. *twiddles thumbs*

Accordingly, I'm looking for some sort of a cheer-up, but one which involves neither talking on the phone nor laughing. (Smiles definitely good; laughter not so good.) Accordingly if you know any good-but-not-all-that-good jokes, which might even be good-but-not-all-that-good bad jokes, now would be a good time for them. There's also a faint but persistent headache; this is annoying because there are lots of things I want to do and posts I want to make, but I can't really get my act together.

Family health: sort of better, sort of not. Belated birthday wishes to nmalfoy, who is strong and inspiring, debellatrix, who is dedicated and talented, and frayer, who is provocative and charming.
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