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Ask The Audience

Poll #253684 Here goes nothing!

What question should I ask in my next poll?

Edited to add: POLLING ENDS!

I shall ask all the questions you have suggested in a follow-up post in about 24 hours' time. The idea is that hopefully you will get me to ask questions which will get me into a sociable amount of trouble - that is, get me into trouble for asking questions that I shouldn't really ask, not you lot for answering them. Common sense applies: questions of the form "did you know (insert something libellous)?" and "what you do think of <a href="http://www.grosspicture.cx/">this</a>?", would be most unwelcome. The questions will all be asked so that anyone can answer and anyone can view the answers, so if you suggest that I ask anything too personal, it seems most unlikely that anyone will bother to answer that question. The questions will be asked with text reply boxes, unless you convince me to use tickyboxes for your question instead by providing me with some really funny options. I won't reveal who asked me to ask which question and I may or may not answer the questions myself.

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