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Many a mickle maks a muckle

Remember when you could mak a muckle for just several mickles?

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Teesside Snog Monster
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dezzikitty's husband

Chris M. Dickson
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British male, 31, 6', 185-190 lbs., brown hair, blue-grey eyes, living in a town of 33,000 people near the coast of north-eastern England. Thanks for looking!

Was an excellent student at school, particularly at maths. Spent a year working with complicated fluid flow software. Spent three years at university; changed from an excellent student to an atrocious one by discovering (the hard way) the point after which my mathematical aptitude vanished. Nice place and lots of lovely people, though.

Since university, wrote a published puzzle book, worked on a web site, wrote more parts of books, worked on some more web sites. After five exciting and entertaining but seldom profitable years of self-employment through the tail of the first .com bubble, I have been trading electricity at the local power station for two years.

I tend to write more frequently about games than about any other topic; the more unusual the game, the more interesting I am likely to find it. I maintain that the act of keeping a public LiveJournal is inherently part performance art. By habit, but not by compulsion, I tend to make relatively infrequent, relatively long entries which I tend to hide behind lj-cuts.

I do use custom Friends group filters and I do not read every entry on all of my listed Friends' journals. I do not assume that my Friends necessarily read me or that they share all their locked entries with me, and request that my Friends do not make similar assumptions about how I treat them. You are most welcome to Friend or deFriend without notice, permission or drama; introductions are particularly welcome if you feel like making one. Friends can access my offline contact details.

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Creative Commons License: in short, non-commercial reproduction is permitted as long as you do say where the content is from and you don't change any of it.

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24, 4ncl, 7-up, airlines, airports, all your base, athletics, banzai, bats, betting, big brother, blackpool, board games, bohnanza, bowling, boxing, bruce forsyth, bubble bobble, card games, ceilidhs, chess, comedy, comedy songs, commercials, conventions, creativity, curry, cycling, d&d, d&d cartoon, decathlon, dice, diplomacy, dragons, dreams, ducks, eating out, economics, fan fiction, fantasy, football, formula one, frequent flyer miles, gadgets, gambling, game design, game shows, game theory, games, geocaching, giving blood, giving you gossip material, happiness, harry potter, his dark materials, ideas, in-jokes, intelligence, interceptor, interests lists, j. k. rowling, jam doughnuts, jiggery-pokery, jokes, karting, keith chegwin, kissing your nose, knightmare, laser tag, late night poker, liar's dice, light rail, live role playing, london underground, mame, manchester, mango lassi, mao, maps, mathematics, mersenne primes, middlesbrough, mind sports olympiad, mornington crescent, mozilla, my wonderful girlfriend megan, news, nfl europe, nihongo, nomic, olympics, oxford, oxford university, pandas, pbm, piano, pinball, pizza, poker, politics, postal games, prisoner's dilemma, probability, psychic serpent, public transport, puns, puzzle hunts, puzzles, quality jollity, quidditch, railways, retro gaming, ring pulls, role playing games, rules, scavengers, segway, self-reference, settlers of catan, singing badly, slashdot, snooker, speedway, sport, spread betting, statistics, stoopid pond, sustrans, teesside, the crystal maze, the forbidden corner, the mole, the truman show, theme tunes, tim vine, toey-toey, track & field, trams, treasure hunts, tv, tyne and wear metro, usenet, video game music, walking, wanted, words, world puzzle championship, xenophilia, yoghurt, zx spectrum

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